Chamonix - Versatility Award
Chamonix was awarded her Versatile Samoyed Award at the SCA National on October 15, 2016!


The Versatility Award is presented when a dog earns a Master Samoyed Working Title, (WSXM) which takes
5,000 points in 4 venues with 200 points in 4 or more venues.
Ours were packing hiking, bikejoring, herding and therapy with a few weight pull points.
ALSO you must be a champion of record AND have either an obedience, rally, agility or other type of AKC title.

Chamonix also placed 4th in Beginner Novice Obedience, 3rd in Veteran Sweeps 10 - 12 years

AND 1st place in regular Veterans 10 - 12 years! I couldn't have been more excited
and pleased with her after having two surgeries this summer for mammary tumors!

Chamonix and I in the ring for Best of Breed finals at the National. That evening the girls were both given their awards.

Owners: Lynda & Larry Tusoni
Angels Camp, California
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Member of the
Samoyed Club of America  

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